First Dig

Twitter is a gold mine for insights into political discourse. One would like to dig into that from time to time.

On 27 June 2019, there was a Democratic Primaries debate. Let’s see the activity on Trumps Twitter account, to see if he noticed.

@realDonaldTrump Twitter activity

Looks like he did! And what did he have to say?

Most-liked Tweets bij @realDonaldTrump

Hmm… he seems not all that impressed. And made a lot of people upset to boot, judging from the number of replies he got. Or did they mostly agree with his statement? Only the data can tell us. Certainly, much like his own Twitter activity, there was a similar rise in responses to Trump’s Tweets.

Volume of replies to Trump’s Tweets

We’ll zoom in to Trump’s “BORING!” Tweet, and here we see something interesting, though not unexpected. As soon as Trump Tweets, Twitter explodes, only to collapse almost just as sudden.

Volume of replies to Trump’s “BORING!” Tweet.

How short-lived in this attention span? Trump posted at 03:35h local Amsterdam time. And it looks like others have about 10 minutes to stand a chance of getting their reply noticed, although having a decent follower count yourself probably does help.

Most-liked replies to Trump’s “BORING!” Tweet

Digging one step deeper, we may wonder who are the most prolific respondents to Trump’s “BORING!” Tweet, and by what significant terms those responses are characterized.

Most prolific respondents to Trump’s “BORING!” Tweet (top), and significant terms used in replies to the same Tweet.

Certainly, @jls1125 and @martyandchris seemed to be having fierce debate, but whether that was between each other or in unrelated threads, who knows?

This is where we’ll leave things for now. The charts in the blog were created in MediaGraphs Explore, which you can also use! Create your account here and follow the instructions on the Wiki page to start exploring on your own.